Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My last week in London (Pt 1)...

...was filled with so much fun!

I went to see the Phantom of the Opera. 
It was so good and I still have some of the songs stuck in my head. We bought really cheap tickets so we were in the second row of the balcony. The view was a little difficult. We had a hard time seeing over the ledge and the people in front of us. And, certain parts of the stage were a little bit covered by things hanging from the ceiling. haha. Liz and I ended up leaning into Emily's seat and we all leaned forward the whole time, resulting in some cricks in our necks my the end, but so worth it!

We couldnt' let the fourth of July pass us by without a good American celebration. 
We clelbrate the 4th at the Chicago Rib Shack in London. The whole meal we entertained (and/or annoyed) everyone in the resteraunt by sining along to some of the good American songs that they played. Liz and Morgan ran around the resteraunt turning all of the American flags the right way cause the British couldn't seem to get the hang of it. We fully enjoyed the bbq (although nothing compares to home) complete with bibs and brought a the USA to London.

The whole Auburn group went on a Jack the Ripper tour. I'll spare you the gorey details cause I definately don't want to think about it again. We also went to see a play called 39 Steps. The entire play was performed by only 4 actors. They did a great job and were very funny. It was definately a different type of play than I had every seen.

We went to class and snacked on Ben's Cookies. 
During the week we went to the EUSA office and did a simulation for the international marketing class. Our team (unofficially named Cheers Yall) dominated, well kind of. During our lunch break we took a trip to enjoy Ben's Cookies. So delicious and the only motivation you need to venture over to South Kinsington (besides all the the pretty buildings and streets and that fact the Pippa and Hugh Grant walk around that area.)

We spent one afternoon wondering around the city.

We went to the always wonderful Buckingham palace. Where we envisioned the royal wedding and where they road in the carriage, kissed on the balcony, etc.
We also wondered around St. James' Park. I can't believe that their is such a beautiful park in the middle of the city. London really does a wonderful job of having lots of very very nice parks in the city. While we were there Morgan met a squirrel sister. She went along talking to it for a little bit and then ran away when it looked at her "ferosciously."

I saw the fancy (and smelly) horses and the guards rode them away.

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